Are you ready to for baseball season? Below you’ll find your 2016 Texas Rangers Opening Day tailgate pricing.Rangers Opening Day Tailgating

Prices do not include parking. We drop the tailgating package off at your spot and pick it up when you are done or the lot closes (whichever comes first). We can however secure parking for you if you’d like us to. We do suggest getting a private parking spot for Opening Day if anyone in your group plans on watching the game at the tailgate. Texas Rangers policies do not allow tailgating after the second inning.

You can get additional info on tailgating at Globe Life Park by clicking here.

You can also check out this page for more info on each tailgating setup. If you have additional questions, feel free to email us at Check out for parking info.

Texas Rangers Opening Day Tailgating – Heisman Trailer – $1,000

The Heisman Tailgating Trailer features two-51″ TV’s, large 5-burner gas grill, bluray player, satellite TV and much more. We will also provide a canopy with walls (if needed), table and chairs. The TV’s will swivel to open up your tailgate to three sides of the trailer. This is our most popular rental option for entertaining a large group.

Texas Rangers Opening Day Tailgating – All American Trailer – $750

Our smaller tailgate trailer features two 43″ TV’s, satellite TV, bluetooth receiver and more. This trailer also has TV’s that can swivel to face either side of the trailer, both towards the back or one side. Canopy and chairs also available with this trailer.

Texas Rangers Opening Day Tailgating – Starter TV Setup – $500

If you are tight on space and just want to be able to watch all the pre-game coverage then the Starter hitch-mounted TV may be your best option.

Generator, 51″ or 43″ TV, satellite and canopy are included with this setup. It does require your vehicle to have a receiver hitch.

Additional Items Available with your Rangers Opening Day Tailgate Rental:
  • Large yeti cooler (160 qt) full of ice – $60 holds 100 cans/150 lbs or ice
  • Med Yeti Cooler (65 qt) full of ice – $45 holds 39 cans/50 lbs of ice
  • Yeti Tank – $35 (open top, holds 96 cans/150 lbs of ice
  • Extra canopy – $50
  • Extra chairs (4) – $10
  • Extra table – $10
  • Large Stand-up Propane Heater – $75
  • Dual Tank Top Propane Heater (Great for inside canopy) -$65
  • Two table-top space heaters $50 (if we provide canisters)
  • Extra satellite setup – $100 (to watch two different sat. channels at the same time)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages by request – $ varies

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