Headed out to tailgate at AT&T Stadium? Check out our quick tips for making sure your group and/or company has the best time possible!

AT&T Stadium Tailgating Tip No. 1

Plan ahead. Pack your vehicle the day before and make a checklist with your group on who will bring what. Getting organized ahead of time will keep you from showing up ready to grill some amazing steaks without a lump of charcoal to be found.

Talk to your group and decide what will be on the menu and who will be bringing what tailgating equipment about a week before your event so your group will have time to go to the store or order stuff off Amazon before gameday.

Also…don’t forget to check the weather the day before. Texas weather can change pretty drastically, so make sure you have shade, sunscreen or layers (depending on the time of year).

AT&T Stadium Tailgating Tip No. 2

AT&T Stadium generator

Your neighbors will hate you if you bring this thing to a tailgate.

Don’t be THAT guy. Don’t be the guy that brings that old, noisy construction generator. Most tailgaters at AT&T stadium either have a generator with a muffler or use batteries. If you have to be that guy, make sure to put it as far away as possible or in front of your vehicle so it blocks a lot of the noise.

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to talk to your friends at your tailgate over the noise of a neighbor’s generator. Don’t want to spend the money? Consider renting one from a local rental company like THIS ONE.

AT&T Stadium Tailgating Tip No. 3

Get there early. Lots usually open five hours before the event sta

AT&T Stadium Tailgating

Show up early. Sometimes before the sun comes up.

rts, unless it’s an early 11 am start and then they’ll usually open at 7 am. For most events though, people show up well before the lot opens and setup a canopy or tent in the grass space on the outside of the lot and secure their spot.

Check out general lot opening times by clicking HERE

You can park along the street close to the lot entrance and haul your stuff to your tailgating spot. If you pop up a canopy, make sure to stake it down before you go back to your vehicle. A decent gust of win and really wreck those canopies if they are not secured.

AT&T Stadium Tailgating Tip No. 4

Stay in your zone. When you are setting up your tailgate, make sure to stay in your designated area. It’s not a lot of fun to get all your stuff setup and then have to move it when someone next to you shows up and wants to tailgate.

AT&T stadium only allows tailgating in the grass areas, so don’t set up a canopy in a parking space. You have 12 feet behind your vehicle and any grass areas beyond the 12 feet is open on a first-come-first-served basis (see tip no. 3!).

AT&T Stadium Tailgating Tip No. 5

Make you tailgate stand out. There are going to be tons of tailgates out there, so make sure to mark your tailgate with a balloon or a flag that stands apart. This will make it much easier for your guests to find you.

For example, there’s a tailgate close to ours that flies a Dallas Cowboys flag along with a flag with a frosty mug full of beer. Genius.

AT&T Stadium Tailgating Tip No. 6

Don’t stream. When there are 100,000+ plus people in that tight of an area, cell service could be spotty. If you’re planning on bringing a TV, use an over-the-air antenna like THIS ONE┬áto pick up a signal.

You don’t want to be the tech-saavy guy everyone is staring at why you sweat and try to figure out why your phone is not working.

If your game you want to watch is not on one of the major local networks, you’ll have to go with a satellite setup. I don’t recommend using one of the point-yourself setups (similar to the dish that’s on the side of your house) as those can be difficult on gameday, unless you’ve done it many times before.

(Check out our review of a one of these satellites by clicking HERE)

AT&T Stadium Tailgating Tip No. 7

Love thy neighbor (even if thy neighbor is wearing the other team’s colors). Greet your neighbor and offer to help unloading vehicles/setting up canopies if you see them struggling at it. It will make your day a lot more fun and you never know when you’re going to need something you forgot at the house (duct tape is always popular at our tailgate).

AT&T Stadium Tailgating Tip No. 8

Watching in the lots? Be ready for spoilers. If you have a TV set up at your tailgate and want to watch the game there, be ready to hear the roar from the stadium before you see it on the TV.

To combat this, you can bring a loud external speaker to hook up to your TV. Just check your TV to see if it has the appropriate connections before you leave the house (goes back to tip no. 1).

AT&T Stadium Tailgating Tip No. 9

Uber is easy, but can get expensive. Lots of people that tailgate with us take Uber to their tailgate. But Uber can be expensive after the game as it’s “premium time” for getting rides.

Most streets around the stadium are all one way moving away from the stadium, so Uber picks up people in lot 15 on the west side of the stadium so be prepared for a little walk if that’s your plan.

AT&T Stadium Tailgating Tip No. 10

Tailgate after the game. Traffic is going to be a nightmare anyway. AT&T Stadium allows you to tailgate up to 2 hours after the event. So when you pack your vehicle to go into the game, leave a cooler and few chairs easily-accessible for after the event. Tailgating is a lot more fun than sitting in traffic.

Have your own tips for AT&T Stadium tailgating? Share them in the comments below!

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