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One of our tailgates at the Alabama and Wisconsin game in September.


This year’s Cotton Bowl will feature USC taking on Ohio State. We set up a lot of tailgates throughout the fall at AT&T Stadium, so I thought I would run down my thoughts on the Cotton Bowl tailgating scene.

Parking through AT&T Stadium is $50 and looks to be almost sold out. I tried to buy parking from the Cotton Bowl directly, and the closest I could get was lot 15 which is about three blocks from the stadium. Not a bad walk but there is not a lot of tailgating activity out there. We usually purchase our parking through a third party vendor like Stubhub or Ticketmaster (see what’s available by clicking HERE). I was able to get lot 12 tickets there by clicking on parking link.

There are plenty of tailgating areas around At&t Stadium, but you have to get there early. You can only tailgate in the grass areas that are usually on the perimeter of the parking lots. Click HERE to see my previous post discussing the different lots around the stadium. Lots should open 5 hours prior to kick (so around 2 pm CST) but I expect many people to set up their tailgating tents much earlier than that. Typically we see a lot of people set up their tents hours before the lots open and then line up their vehicles close to the entrance of the lots.

College football events seem to get people out to tailgate well before Cowboys tailgaters do, so make sure you make plans to go secure a spot at least an hour or two prior to the lot opening. You should be able to get a spot if you show up later, but it might not be the best location or give you the maximum amount of tailgating space.

Here’s a complete list of tailgating rules and regulations for At&t Stadium.

There’s also RV parking in lot 14. Not a bad walk to the stadium, but I wouldn’t want to do it more than to and from the game.

One last thought I like to repeat a few times….Here’s a good example of something that frustrates every tailgater (especially after a few hours of tailgating), the bag policy at AT&T Stadium. 

I’ll post my thoughts on where to eat around Dallas/Fort Worth as the game gets closer. Feel free to add any questions in the comments below or shoot us an email at info@biggametrailers.com. We are glad to help your group.

For more info on our Cotton Bowl tailgating options, check out our options page by clicking HERE.