I’m a big fan of Yeti coolers and most of their products. Even the monster 160 cooler my brother purchased just to try to give me a hernia. So when I saw they came out with another product that might benefit tailgaters I thought I’d give it a shot. The Yeti Colster retails for $29.99 and has been sold out in many of the online stores I checked. Check with yeti by clicking here or you can try Austinkayak.com where I purchased mine.

Yeti Colster Product Description

The Colster is not your typical coozie. It can hold bottles or cans, and According to Yeti, the Colster is “Over-engineered for MAXIMUM INSULATION.” Apparently they used the same technology they use on their coolers.

The Colster is made with 18/8 stainless steel and features “double-wall vacuum insulation.” Sounds pretty awesome. There is also a plastic ring on the top that unscrews and then screws down on top of the can or bottle.



When I received the Colster, it came with a pretty cool little can inside the colster (my first thought was – “THEY SENT ME A FREE BEER!!!!” then I realized how ridiculous that was). I thought it was some sort of collectible can, until my son dropped it on the floor (I thought he broke it) and realized it had a removable top and held the Yeti Colster’s care instructions inside. I’ll probably use it as a coin holder in my truck from now on, that is if I can keep it away from my 3-year old, who now thinks it’s a Hot Wheels garage.

So – does all this “over-engineering” actually work?

Yeti Colster Super Scientific Test



I used the same extremely-scientific method I used on another similar product review (The Chillsner – check it out here) using a control group – a 12 oz can of Diet Dr. Pepper and a test group – another DDP gently wrapped in the Yeti Colster (I would preferred to use a Miller Lite like I did for my other test, but I did this one at about 7 am on a Saturday morning).

I then used a common kitchen thermometer to get the readings at 0,5,10,15,30,45 and 60 minute marks.

The Colster did pretty well, keeping the beverage temperature pretty consistent. During the hour I ran the test, the temperature of the soda only increased by a little under four degrees, while the can without the Colster increased by 17 degrees.

I found out in my last test with the Chillsner that a two-degree difference could definitely be noticed when drinking a cold beverage, so the 12.5 degree difference in the two sodas was definitely noticeable.

Yeti Colster: Overall Grade A-

Overall, I was pretty impressed with how cold it kept my beverage. I would guess the difference in the results might be quite a bit greater out in the elements (usually 90+ degrees when we tailgate). I’m not sure that’s the ideal setting for one of these things, as not many times would it take me an hour to drink a cold one while tailgating.

It would great for the office though. The only reason it doesn’t get a perfect score is the price ($29.99) and the fact that it’s not something you can fold up and put in your pocket like other coozies. But overall, it did keep my beverage “cold to the last sip” so I’d give it an A-.

Ready to shop? click here to visit the Yeti page and check it out for yourself.

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