Ah, the tailgating heater. Keeping the women happy and the men from freezing their hands to that cold beverage. We’ve already had a few cold tailgates this fall (cold for Texas that is) at the Cotton Bowl and the National Championship. And since Just watching the news of the massive blizzard in the northeast makes my feet go numb, we made sure to have plenty of heat available at all of our tailgates.

We have tried a few heaters, and I can tell you one thing, people flock to a heater on a cold windy day. It’s amazing how many people become your new best buddy when you are sporting a few big heaters.


The Magellan Heater at our Cotton Bowl Tailgate

We purchased the Magellan Outdoors Dual Tank-Top Propane Heater (Academy Link Here or similar model on Amazon HERE) earlier in the fall and I’d thought I’d give you my thoughts. On the Academy site, there are three reviews, and all of them are negative. One of them says “LASTED TWO DAYS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!! WILL DEFINITELY GET DIFFERENT BRAND.” and my question to them would be….What did you do when you took it back and replaced it with another one? Did you have the same result? That’s what I hate about reviews.

We’ve used ours about six times this fall, and maybe we were just lucky…but it’s been pretty solid. The thing gets extremely hot, hot enough that we actually had to scoot back from the heater because it was really heating up our knees and feet.

The heater mounts straight on top of your standard propane tank you would use on a gas grill. It has a tool built in that tightens the heater on the tank. It also has a nice safety feature that automatically shuts the propane source off if it gets tipped over. We had to relight it a few times when we were moving it around, so best to keep it in one spot and move around it.

I’ll do a review of a few other types of heaters we use soon, but this one is great for inside a pop-up canopy because of it’s height. It was definitely the favorite at our tailgates, with the tall stand-up propane heater coming in second. The Magellan heater would not be a good idea if you had young kids around, as it would be just about eye level to toddlers and would be tough to keep their hands off of.

Overall, I’d give this tailgating heater an A-.

It’s an A- because of danger factor if you have kids around. I’ll also update this post if the thing craps out on us like some of the reviews on the Academy site suggest.

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