Rent a tailgating trailer for your next tailgating bash! (Photo courtesy of Thomas Campbell at thomascampbellphoto.com)

So you’re interested in a tailgate trailer rental for your next event? Well this page is a great place to start. I’ll break down our process on game day and also cover common questions that our renters ask.

If you don’t see your questions answered here, shoot us an email at info@biggametrailers.com and we will be glad to help!

Are  you used to being the tailgating coordinator for  your group? Usually it goes something like this: You show up hours before the event, spend hours putting up everything, your friends and family show up an hour before the game, eat your food, drink your beer, watch the game and relax at your tailgate.

Then after the game is over, they vanish like cockroaches under a spotlight when it’s time to clean up the high-quality tailgate you provided. Sounds like a blast right? Well we have a solution for you.

Tailgate Trailer Rental Process: What to expect

When you rent a tailgating trailer or tailgating package from Big Game Trailers, we aim to make sure you get to spend time doing what’s most important to tailgaters: tailgating. No one wants to spend hours setting up canopies, tables, chairs, heaters, washer games, etc. You want to sit around with your closest friends and watch the game on TV while enjoying a tasty beverage.

So how does this work?

We deliver one of our tailgating packages to your event and all you have to do is bring food and drink. We are very flexible, so we work with your group to make sure you have everything you need to have a great time at your event. We have a lot of add-on items including extra canopies, chairs, heaters and games so if you have something you definitely want at your event, let us know.

If you have your own parking spot, we can deliver the trailer or tailgating package to you. If you don’t have a parking permit, we can secure one for you at most venues. It’s a good idea to talk to venue management beforehand if you’re not aware of the rules and regulations for tailgating.

The week of your rental, we will contact you to discuss details for your tailgate. You should plan to arrive around 30 minutes after the lot opens so that we can get the tailgate completely set up for your group prior to your arrival. This can vary depending on the venue. We will finalize all the details before the day of your event.

The day of your event, we will make sure you know where to find us get any parking passes you might need. You tailgate and we’ll have a member of our team close by should there be anything you need or if any technical issues come up.

If everyone in your group is heading into the game and you want to tailgate after it’s over, then we will secure your tailgate while you are gone. We allow you to tailgate as long as you like or until the lot closes (whichever comes first).

That’s the basics! Again, our goal is to make sure you have a great time. If there is ever anything that we can do to make your group have a better tailgate, please let us know!

Tailgate Trailer Rental: FAQs

Below I’ve listed a few questions that we hear from our renters. If you have questions that are not included below, feel free to shoot us an email at info@biggametrailers.com or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Do I need to bring food and drink?

Yes. Because we set up tailgates at many different venues and cities across the state and each venue has different rules/permits involved in providing food and beverages to tailgaters, we don’t offer packages. We will be happy to help coordinate with your caterer or the cook in your party to make sure your tailgate goes off without a hitch.

What time should I show up?

It really depends on the venue. Each one has different parking lot rules and opening times. For example, at AT&T Stadium, parking lots usually open 5 hours before kickoff. We will recommend a time for your party to show up so that the trailer or tailgating package is completely set up when you group arrives.

How long can I tailgate after the event?

This also can very depending on venue and game time, but generally, you can tailgate a few hours after the event completion. This is another detail we can nail down with you before you rent.

Do I need to buy additional parking for the trailer?

Again, this depends on the venue. Most of the time our trailer and tailgating TV packages are small enough to fit in one car space. Some venues require an extra pass if it is going to take up a parking space. Sometimes the trailer can be put in the grass behind a vehicle spot (at AT&T Stadium in Arlington for example) so they do not require an additional pass. Check with us and venue management to confirm this before you rent.

Tailgating Trailer

Our Heisman Tailgating Trailer

Do I have to pick up the trailer from you and take it to the parking lot?

No. We deliver the trailer to your tailgate and pick it up there when you are done. No need to get a truck. We have it covered.

Can we do a tailgate trailer rental at our home?

Yes! We love doing backyard tailgates. This is a great way to watch your team’s road games that you aren’t able to make it to. Getting a TV setup outside, even with the advances in wireless technology, can still be a beating.

What happens if it rains?

We are flexible. The trailer and canopies provide decent coverage from the weather, but under some circumstances, the weather can be too nasty for you to have a decent tailgate. We are reasonable, and will work with you (like any decent human being would) on refunding deposits if it turns out the weather is going to be too rough to tailgate in, or if we are not going to be able to deliver the trailer due to dangerous road conditions. We monitor the weather leading up to your event, and will stay in touch with you before your event should anything change.

What should I bring with us?

Basically, food and drink and whatever else you’d like to use at your tailgate. We have canopies, chairs, tables and other tailgating gear covered, and we would be happy to provide you with a tailgating checklist to help you prepare for your event.

Can some members of my group stay and watch the game at the parking spot?

Yes. As long as the venue allows tailgating after the event starts (most do) you are welcome to allow your group to watch the game at the tailgate.

Do you provide propane and/or charcoal?

Yes, if we provide the grill, we will provide the fuel for it, including starter fluid.

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